New Personal Website!

Posted on July 7, 2020

After about one year, I finally decided to get rid of my old website.
The fact is that I don’t need a cool website full of animations and interactions.
I just want something where I can write about my thoughts, career and personal stuff.

Goodbye CSS

Don’t get me wrong, I like CSS. I also like styled-components, CSSinJS and other great stuff from the JS community, but I don’t need it.
This website is about its content and nothing more.

Goodbye JS

As a Node.js contributor, I can say that I know a bit of JavaScript, but guess what? I won’t put it inside this website.
This website will just be written using markdown and a bit of Haskell.
You can find its source code here

I just want to focus on writing stuff without having to maintain frontend code. #sorrynotsorry

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