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I'm always ready for joining conferences as a speaker!
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Recent talks

Compiling JavaScript, the painless way

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26 Oct 2021 · Codemotion DevCast 2021

transcompilingperformancedeveloper productivity

Zero-effort, high performance, secure GraphQL APIs with Hasura

21 Sep 2021 · Open Source Day 2021


Multi-tenant Next.js at any scale

07 Jul 2021 · JSDay 2021

next.jssoftware architecturesmulti-tenancyscalability

Multi-tenant Next.js at any scale

25 Mar 2021 · Codemotion 2021

next.jssoftware architecturesmulti-tenancyscalability

Digital Careers Italia

15 Mar 2021 · Digital Career Week

career growthmotivational

Being a Senior Engineer at 25 years old

27 Dec 2020 · TomorrowDevs

tech careerpersonal growthmotivational

Philosophy of Being Happy by Building Your Career

23 Sep 2020 · Digital Career Week

philosophygreek philosophycareer growthmotivational

Functional-light JavaScript for production

08 Jul 2020 · Dev WorkSpace Meetup

functional programmingnode.jsjavascript

The Elegance of Open Source Software

16 Jun 2020 · Digital Career Week

history of programming

Stack Wars: Functional Programming Strikes Back!

25 Nov 2019 · Codemotion 2019

functional programminghaskellsoftware architectureprogramming languages

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